Paycheck Friday (Pink Sparkling)

Paycheck Friday (Pink Sparkling)

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Tasting Notes: Sweet pink sparkling with glazed raspberry notes.

Biographical Notes: Local grapes bring out the Midwestern sweetness and charm that we all know.

Pairing Notes: Brie, popcorn, paycheck Fridays. 

Name Notes: It's a celebration, an occasion. It happens every other week, direct deposit while you sleep. Never late, always a set date. You busted your hump for two weeks straight, but this camel's back ain't broke. So uncork, unwind, it ain't the boss's time. Just for today, just say, "Paycheck Friday!"

Label Notes: Psst - look up the photograph, "V-J Day in Times Square" by Alfred Eisenstaedt. 

Ho-Hum Notes: 750 mL; 12% ABV; contains sulfites.