The Windows Open and the Stars Bright (Sauvignon Blanc)

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Tasting Notes: Dry white with peach notes.

Biographical Notes: Born from premium California grapes but raised here in Ohio, it is crisp and refreshing, perfect for Ohio summers and California Dreamin' winters.

Pairing Notes: Cheeses, vegetables, oysters, herb-infused dishes, beds. 

Name Notes: Ernest Hemingway famously romanticized deep sea fishing, bullfighting, big-game hunting. And yet he could appreciate the romance of lying peaceably in bed with the love of his life with the windows open and the stars bright. Far-flung adventure can wait, Hem; we're perfectly fine right where we are. 

Label Notes: Take note of the umbrella and flowers....

Ho-Hum Notes: 750 mL; 12% ABV; contains sulfites.