Clear the Decks (Catawba)

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Tasting Notes: Sweet white with luscious fruit notes.

Biographical Notes: A hometown wine that stayed true to its local roots, it will have you jumping for joy, walking on air, shouting from the mountaintop that a sweet wine can be so light and airy. 

Pairing Notes: Soft cheeses and smoked meats, pastas with creamy sauces. 

Name Notes: Work's done, now have some fun. Run, don't walk. The plank can't wait, don't hesitate. Be rash, make a splash. Forget about your ex, your bounced check, your house a wreck, your lack of what rhymes next - clear the decks!

Label Notes: Notice the Commodore Perry Memorial in the background? 

Ho-Hum Notes: 750 mL; 11% ABV; contains sulfites.