A Mother-in-Law Who Takes Your Side (Chardonnay)

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Tasting Notes: Dry white, oaked with buttery, pie crust notes.

Biographical Notes: Born from premium California grapes but raised here in Ohio, it is a pleasant surprise in how it hits all the right notes, just like a mother-in-law who takes your side. 

Pairing Notes: Soft cheeses, poultry, family gatherings (even ones with the in-laws). 

Name Notes: You don't need a fancy car. The insurance would be outrageous after all. A million bucks? The taxman is flush enough already. A Hollywood star on speed dial? No one bothers to call anymore. But a mother-in-law who takes your side in a squabble with her own child? Why, as Lou Gehrig said, that's something. That makes you the luckiest person in the world.

Label Notes: Take note of the umbrella and a certain portrait in the background. They just may pop up in other labels.... 

Ho-Hum Notes: 750 mL; 12% ABV; contains sulfites.