Shoulders of Giants (Chancellor)

Shoulders of Giants (Chancellor)

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Tasting Notes: Sweet red with fruit-forward berry notes, serve chilled.

Biographical Notes: Local grapes with an incredible story - they emigrated from France in the 19th Century and remain cultivated as wine grapes rather than being lured away by Welch's Grape Juice. 

Pairing Notes: Barbecue, burgers, brats, pizza, tailgates. 

Name Notes: Those who came before us, they were incredible, they were amazing, they were giants. They made us who we are today. They were parents, grandparents, mentors, heroes. We owe them a debt. But we can do great things because, thanks to them, we have a head start, we have a leg up, we're standing on the shoulders of giants.

Label Notes: A lesser known version of Rosie the Riveter provides the solid shoulders.

Ho-Hum Notes: 750 mL; 11.5% ABV; contains sulfites.